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Thursday, 03 October 2013 04:36

Mapps Hackathon - developing geo apps to use open source for population and climate

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GeoCensos would like to invite geo developers communities and UNFPA stakeholders to follow the Geocensos Mapps Hackathon an event to develop geo apps to solve the challenges of using open source for population and climate. 

This event will take place next October 4 and 5 in 12 different cities of the north of South America and mostly all Central American countries

We envision that more than 600 registered participants will join us to massively collaborate and create geographic applications and visualizations of the geographic issues of population and climate of six countries, mainly Colombia, Guatemala, Panamá, El Salvador, Ecuador and Venezuela. 

GeoCensos foundation has organized this initiative, calling teams of interdisciplinary participants who will use geographic publicly available data to develop innovative solutions within a series of environmental challenges such as smart cities, coastal tourism, natural disasters, regional climatic change and the development in cities starting in San Salvador to Cuenca, Ecuador.

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