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Demographic Explorer for Climate Adaptation (DECA)

The Demographic Explorer for Climate Adaptation (DECA) is a tool designed to illuminate the linkages between population dynamics and adaptation to global climate change. It aims to bring integrated geographic data directly to policy makers for adaptation planning through new technology based on the analytics revolution for joint work and collaboration.

  • Integration of census data, infrastructure data and environmental data
  • Automated spatial analysis
  • Online visualization and analysis
  • Easily replicable to other country, district, or cities
  • Support for incorporating data and analysis into policy making process
Viewing and manipulating each DECA requires the Wolfram CDF Player, which you can download for free from Wolfram here.


How the DECA Works

Use DECA online: Download CDF Player first and then click thumbnail below

  • Semarang, Indonesia

    UNFPA DECA Indonesia
  • Malawi

    UNFPA DECA Malawi

Use DECA offline: Download CDF Player first and then each DECA below


Understanding the spatial dynamics of population composition and characteristics is crucial for enhance climate change resilience at local, national and regional level. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have been widely used to identify accurate hazard exposure zones, but population data, particularly census data are not sufficiently used in identifying the vulnerable individuals and communities and the factors that exaggerate vulnerability to climate change. UNFPA initiated an approach of using population data, and other social-economic survey data for climate change policy formulation and adaptation planning. >> (Read More)

DECA Gallery

We encourage you to share any interesting findings from your interaction with the DECA, which is why we created the DECA Gallery, a hub for sharing DECA analysis. To participate, download a DECA to your computer and manipulate the DECA in the Wolfram CDF Player. When your ready to share your analysis, save your changes on your computer and upload the CDF you saved to the DECA Gallery. Your analysis will appear alongside others from experts on climate change and population dynamics.

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