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Using POPClimate

POPClimate is the United Nations Population Fund's (UNFPA) population dynamics and climate change adaptation online platform. This platform is open to all to share information, ask questions, and contribute experiences to the UNFPA's official climate change adaptation manual. Researchers, practitioners, and the public can connect to each other through this platform and contribute to a body of knowledge on best practices for adaptation.


UNFPA’s proposed web platform for the manual will aim to achieve these goals:

  • Produce content for the manual relevant to the NSOs practical needs as they delineate new geographies and tabulations relevant to climate change vulnerability analysis,

  • Foster the regular usage of the methodologies and other content presented in each manual,

  • Showcase appropriate analytical examples and case studies for the NSOs that they can use in their daily work, and

  • Encourage interaction and engagement from academia, research organizations, policy experts and NSO staff on data collection and vulnerability assessment methodologies.

POPClimate tutorials coming soon

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